Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

Teach. Inspire. Entertain.

Keynotes, Breakouts, Panels, Facilitation

Inspire and challenge at your next conference, offsite, kickoff, or team meeting.

We all instinctively want clearer communications, better relationships and more sales

Bryan’s programs teach and inspire, mixing engaging stories with practical advice audiences can use right away to build more meaningful and productive customer relationships. Your team will love what Bryan has to say.

Show the . Be more customer focused.

Customer lifetime value. Customer satisfaction. Net Promoter Score.

World-class customer connection organizations start with these and use communications, programs, and culture to maximize value in both directions. Are you ready to give the most to your customers, to get the most back?

Help your team find the passion to be a more customer-focused organization.

The former director of Microsoft’s Executive Briefing Center brings his zeal for building great relationships to stages and meeting rooms to help you build productive, profitable, and long-lasting relationships with your key stakeholders.

Each presentation is personalized for its unique organization and audience.

Keynote Programs

Do Your Customers You Enough?

Lessons from the Fortune 50 and the corner store inspire your group to get the most out of customer interactions, turning first-time buyers into loyal customers, fans, and advocates.

Let Your Customers Tell You How to Win

Is your organization listening to your customers? Are you asking them for help? They’ll be more than happy to tell you what they need to be successful. So you can be successful, too.

Fun audience participation enhances understanding and retention

All talks available in versions from 20 to 90 minutes

Delivered keynote style, can include audience participation to enhance understanding and memorability

Improve communications and connections with fun, fast-paced talks. Energize your team with actionable advice that gets results!

Bryan captivated the audience with his high energy presentation skills… He incorporated the audience into his presentation and provided practical examples and proof to back up his great content. Bryan’s presentation was organized, animated, relevant and thought provoking.

[Bryan understood] the expectations of our membership and the approaches that would be most effective for them. Ultimately, Bryan succeeded in facilitating a meeting that was both meaningful and informative…[He] created a quality experience for our members.

Bryan’s presentations teach, inspire, and motivate. He is an active member of the National Speakers Association and a board member of the Pacific Northwest chapter. He is an experienced presentation coach and speechwriter and a member of the Professional Speechwriters Association.

For more information about corporate and conference presentations please contact Bryan directly, or for booking inquiries please contact Michelle Carter, Carter Global Speakers
+1 844-88SPEAK (844-887-7325)

Media and Podcasts

Interview Bryan for inspiring stories, actionable advice, and open, honest reviews of business and political messaging

Bryan helps leaders and their organizations connect with their key audiences—customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders—in print, in person, and online. For TV, radio, print, or podcasts, Bryan promises great delivery of inspiring stories, actionable advice, and open, honest reviews of corporate, political, and other messaging and speakers.

If your audience includes business or non-profit leaders, or specialty service providers, they’ll love Bryan’s unique take on building customer closeness and loyalty.

Bryan is unsurpassed as a public speaking coach. He showed me new ways to prepare for and present complex legal concepts to lay and professional audiences. Bryan increased my confidence and reduced the nervousness. I felt entirely in command of my material (as well I should!) in addition to my delivery style by the time the presentation arrived.

Andrew Wizner

Managing Partner at, Leete , Kosto & Wizner, LLP