Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

Like many businesses, every three months, the 3C team gets together to review what we’ve accomplished and what needs refinement going forward. We look at our work from the outside in, inside out, and we take some time to digest what we’ve learned through our collective successes and changes, and identify any opportunities for improvement.

This past quarter we invested more time into research and reflection. The goal was to find out what content our audiences find most valuable, and here is what we discovered…

Below are 3C’s top posts for the first quarter of 2018, and we’re excited to keep learning!

What kind of posts would you like to see from us in the future?

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The Messaging Framework: Your Go-to Resource for Creating Powerful Stories for Your Business

Stories are entertaining because they keep your audience engaged and help them remember. Find out how more in this short video as 3C founder and principal Bryan Rutberg walks through how to build a Messaging Framework.

Communication Tactics for Product Marketers

As communication channels and needs grow more complex, top-notch communication skills are even more critical to business success. One of our colleagues reached out with a few insights of his own on the topic…

Why an Emotional Connection Wins Every Time

Stories can be entertaining and keep your audience engaged. They also help people retain information. They can make an abstract concept more relatable. Learn more about the relationship between emotions and decision-making in this post.

Tips for Turning Numbers into Narrative

How can you make your numbers memorable, understandable, and easy to recall (comprehension and retention) to increase your odds of getting the emotion and action you want from your audience? Find out in this post!

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