NBCUniversal is one of the largest, most influential media and entertainment companies in the world.  Their holdings include the NBC broadcast network, cable news networks CNBC and MSNBC, and prime cable entertainment networks like E! Entertainment, the Golf Channel, Bravo, and USA. NBCUniversal’s Advertising Standards Department works with advertisers, and their ad agencies and legal teams, to ensure that advertisements that run on the network are truthful, tasteful, non-deceptive and comply with corporate policies and legal regulations.


NBCUniversal’s Advertising Standards Department protects the company, and assists advertisers with getting their commericals on air, by staying abreast of key government rules and industry standards. Their work is an essential part of the company’s advertising compliance process, and provides an opportunity for dialogue between NBCuniversal and itsadvertisers. Ndidi Oriji, NBCunviersal’s Senior Vice President of Advertsing Standards, felt the group could do more to drive understanding of their mission and value among various internal and external groups – groups potentially missing out on the full value of her department. They needed a clear message, and with many members of the department engaging in public speaking opportunities, this was a great time to get everyone on the same page.


3C conducted interviews and research to learn about the work of the Ad Standards team. We looked at how they communicate with their different audiences and used what we found to develop a customized workshop on strategic messaging and presentation skills.

During the first part of the one-day seminar, we facilitated a dialog with the department to develop and refine their messaging framework. This is a 3C signature exercise that helps clients dig deep to identify key themes that support their value statements, and the best language and stories to illustrate their message.

The second half of the workshop featured the delivery of a customized version of our “Commanding a Room” overview of presentation skills. Through lecture, Q&A, and individual and group exercises the team learned and got to try out a variety of public speaking keystones, with safe and supportive coaching from peers and 3C’s principal, Bryan Rutberg.

To ensure that participants continued application of their new skills, we provided presentation decks and notes to the Advertising Standards Department, along with their working messaging framework. In follow-up conversations with SVP Ndidi Oriji, we offered additional actionable takeaways for reinforcing the team’s learning.


Many of our interactive workshops feature coaching exercises that enable participants to get feedback in real-time – helping them improve and build confidence more quickly. “3C Communications left my team energized and excited,” Ndidi said, giving the team a fresh perspective about themselves and the value they bring.