THE CLIENT is among the most frequently visited domains on the web – welcoming millions of learners, seekers, and shoppers each month.

As a hub for customer interaction, it provides Microsoft customers access to corporate information, product information, and downloads, and is the tech giant’s engine for turning marketing into sales through ecommerce and alignment with its retail channel and partners.

Each year, the core “MSCOM” team invites product marketers, audience marketers, and geographic marketing professionals to the Digital Marketing & SEO Summit (“MSCOM Summit,” or simply “the Summit”) at corporate offices in Redmond, Washington.


At the MSCOM Summit, company leaders in social media, testing and analytics, e-commerce, site operations, and more share best practices and new trends and capabilities within the digital marketing space company-wide. Guest presenters from partner companies, consultancies, and other global brands are invited to share their perspectives, to inspire Microsoft’s marketers and give them tools to improve their work.

The team uses the opportunity to reinforce Microsoft’s corporate strategy and to facilitate alignment across the various teams whose sites are hosted on the domain.

A senior marketing GM’s team engaged 3C Communications to ensure that speakers and presentation content were well-vetted and aligned to deliver a comprehensive, clear, and consistent narrative for the audience.


We worked with mid- and senior-level presenters within Microsoft, and guest executive presenters from globally influential sites such as Facebook and Buzzfeed, directing production schedules for content submission.

We served as ambassadors of key Summit themes and objectives, working directly with presenters to craft their role at the event and managing content reviews for the MSCOM leadership team to ensure all content delivered from the Summit stage was aligned, relevant, engaged the audience, and contained clear calls to action.

We ensured all Microsoft presentation decks shared a templated look and feel; we worked with individual speakers on quality delivery, both on-demand in private coaching sessions and at formal rehearsals; and at the event we took work off of our clients’ hands by running the “green room” and ensuring all presentation material was cued-up for the audio-visual team.


The team could manage the full scope of the Summit better by partnering with 3C for stage content development and delivery. Dena Becker, the Microsoft marketer responsible for coordinating the event, enthused, “3C helped us with so much. Speakers knew what was expected of them and the content looked and sounded great. The team achieved our objective – digital marketers throughout Microsoft got good information and walked away inspired and ready for another great year driving impact with our customers through best practices in digital marketing.”