Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

Built for Microsoft, with Microsoft

Be clear, be bright, be persuasive.
Shorten review cycles.
Have fewer meetings to prepare for meetings.

Imagine the time and energy you and your team will save with consistent, high-quality communication within your team and with your stakeholders.

You’ve got a team full of talent. Unleash it with impact when they talk about their work, identify winning stories and insights, and drive programs. 

Building good habits takes structure and time. That’s why 3C’s training model brings you workshops, office hours, and 1:1 coaching to ensure the lessons stick and you see results. 

3C are communications learning and development experts, with a major in comms and a minor in Microsoft.

We’ve seen improvements with people being better prepared for executive presentations and writing insights.  And with new people joining the team, it’s been good to have the recordings and one-pagers to point people to the fundamentals, so they can hit the ground running.

Gaby Ferreres Palou

Director, Integrated Launch and Marcom Planning

Courses developed with Microsoft leaders.

Tell Your Professional Story

Invest in your team – build skills and morale

Participants learn to create audience-focused and benefit-led messaging using their own personal strengths. All business messaging from marketing to reporting program results require this foundation.

Participants feel confident, energized, and ready to share stories that highlight results, not just activity.

 Topics include:

  • Develop an “impact vocabulary”
  • Share outcomes that matter to your audience
  • Capture your unique value and impact
  • Talk confidently about yourself and your business 

Learners leave the workshop with a strong draft impact statement and a rubric for editing and customizing it, plus an invitation for one-on-one follow up to refine and implement. Learn more. 

Format: One 2.5-hour session with 1:1 follow-up

Sharing Strategic Insight

Crush your business objectives

Developed in 2018 with a Microsoft VP, Sharing Strategic Insight helps your team identify and share deep insights that drive action and business results. Outcomes include getting to the point more quickly, landing more impactful insights, communicating with leaders at the right altitude, and saving leaders’ time on rewrites. 

Participants improve in these areas:

  • Strategic mindset​ and critical judgment​
  • Sharing impact and value, not activities
  • Synthesizing and summarizing
  • Executive presence

Customized for you and your team with examples and exercises directly from your business. Let’s discuss.

Format: Two 2-hour sessions with office hours after each.

5-in-5 Essentials Program

5 key topics, 5 weeks, unlimited potential

  • Communication Planning
  • Storytelling
  • Sharing Strategic Insight
  • Meeting Management
  • Presentation Skills

**Sample curriculum, additional topics available. Customized for your team with examples and exercises directly from your business. 

Get more info.

Typical format for teams of 30+: Each week, two chances to join that week’s workshop plus one open office hours call. Participants may begin booking optional deep dive 1:1s after the first session.

Bryan is also an outstanding communications coach, and a major bonus for me from working with Bryan are the coaching mails and tips he’ll send after seeing me deliver something he prepared!

Steve Petitpas

Former VP, Website Managment and Digital Stores