Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

Reach Out. Stand Out.

Make the most of every customer relationship

Your customers have a thing or two to say to you. And they will tell you, if you ask them. Ask the right customer and they’ll also have a thing or two to say to social media, your prospects, even press and analysts. It starts with the right conversation, at the right moment. With building trust. So are you listening?

Let’s make sure you understand your customer.

There are as many ways to engage your customers as there are customers. When your communications, programs, and culture are aligned, you will deliver more value to your customers, hear more from them, and inspire them to amplify your message in everything from social media to heartfelt references and referrals. 

Find the right words. Run engagement programs and listening programs. Bring customers’ voices into your strategy and planning. Transform the way you connect with customers, your teams, and all your key stakeholders.

From Customer Closeness Assessments of how you’re doing today and to tell where to invest for the greatest return, to developing targeted campaigns to drive loyalty and retention, 3C consulting will help you get your customers to you more.

Customer Connection Consulting

  • Website and marketing material reviews
  • Customer satisfaction program design
  • Building a storytelling culture
  • Customer, employee, and partner events
  • Message framework development

Is your organization world-class at connecting with your key audiences? From assessing today’s marketing and sales support communications, to building programs and designing events, 3C and Bryan work with you to build a high-performing, high-connecting business. 

Message and Meaning Facilitation

  • Leadership facilitation, half- and multi-day
  • Planning and kickoff meeting emcee for sales, marketing, and customer support team meetings
  • Keynote and breakout leader

How you talk about your mission, vision, values, and products and services, must be on-point—audience focused and benefit led—to get through the noise in the marketplace. To find and win new customers, turn existing customers into fans and advocates, attract and retain talent—bring in an expert to help you develop your strategy and plan your execution. 

From leadership offsites to annual kickoffs, Bryan and 3C bring out your best ideas, help you shape them and turn them into clear calls to action, with deadlines and accountability. 

Leadership Connection Consulting

  • Startup CEOs, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support professionals
  • Nonprofit boards and senior staff

One-on-one service for leaders. “Talk about what you’re going to talk about.” Work with Bryan at the rhythm you choose to review top-of-mind challenges with sales, marketing, communications, and customer or employee engagement. 

We’ll deep-dive the issues to find the right messages and put together the words, pictures, and channels to make you successful leading your organization.

Operational Executive Services

  • Communications
  • Customer Success / Customer Support
  • Marketing

Bryan helps grow and achieve their goals with interim and fractional VP and C-level services, getting messages right, building programs, evaluating talent and building teams.

“Bryan is a brilliant communicator, speaker and teacher; [he] practices what he preaches, and truly empowers his audience to challenge themselves and apply the same techniques he is teaching. His presentation style is extremely impactful and drives individuals to incorporate his tools and resources immediately in order to improve their own day to day communications, interactions and presentations.”

Shelly Goetz

Infinite Momentum LLC

“With only a short briefing, Bryan quickly grasped the value chain within our target industry, and the associated business plan potential. He helped tell the story in a very compelling fashion, identifying and then addressing audience biases and filters. Bryan’s guidance is valuable in creating targeted, compelling executive messaging to drive great results.”

Lori Salow Marshall

Multiple-time entrepreneur, Current Accenture Strategic Engagement and Partnership Lead