Get the Message, Get It Right

Reaching your goals means helping your audience reach theirs – whether that audience is customers, partners, employees, investors, or others. Effective messaging is understandable and memorable, and built from the start with each audience in mind.

Build your story to drive emotion and action. Developing a full marketing and communications plan for your product, service, or initiative means knowing what moves people, what motivates them, what concerns or inspires them. Strategic messaging services from 3C Communications help you get it right, every time.


Every audience has its own needs and expectations. To create your powerful message, we’ll study the people you need to influence so you have the right messages to reach each one.


Your business has a brand, and your brand tells a story. Whether you’re telling the story of your business, or focusing on a milestone like launching a product, service, or initiative, we’ll help you control that story with thematic elements that live in all communications. Consistent, clear, concise, and aligned – so your audience gets the message, takes action, and can tell your story, too.


How many ways are there to get your message delivered? Websites, blog posts, videos, brochures, success stories, white papers, speeches, newsletters, posters, call scripts, presentations, seminars and webinars, training, social media – we’ve never had so much choice. Or so much noise to drown out your signal. Pick strategically, and craft your messages to use the strengths of each channel you pick.


We take strategic message development and communications planning seriously, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun working with us. You’ll enjoy our highly-interactive facilitated meetings where we will help you find the themes and stories that make your message relatable, or more expansive consulting engagements that take a 360-degree view of your audience and objectives. We bring the expert guidance that sets you on the path to reach your goals – by helping your audience reach theirs.