3C Communications is a full-service communications firm that helps leaders and their organizations connect with their most important audiences – customers, partners, employees, investors – in person, in print, and online.

Founded by Bryan Rutberg – who brings decades of experience in strategic messaging for executives at Boeing, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, NBC Universal, LiteSprite, Juniper Networks, NetOptics, Brooks Bell, and others – we’ve built our firm by building lasting connections for our customers with their audiences, large and small.

Leaders from a wide array of industries and professions work with us as creative and strategic problem solvers to help them identify, develop, and share their winning stories.

Bryan Rutberg


Bryan is a lifelong communicator and relationship builder with experience managing executive engagement programs, global alliances, and more – from sales and technical front-lines to boardrooms. A graduate of Georgetown University, Bryan also holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Kenan-Flagler School at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Christina Brennan

Creative and Accounts

Christina has a diverse portfolio of PR, event planning, media buying, grassroots marketing, and sales experience. Her strong work ethic and entrepreneurial mindset combined with a commitment to growing herself and others makes Christina a master at turning ideas into action. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Business.

Maggie Greene

Creative and Project Management

Maggie has performed writing and editing services for multiple verticals –government, non-profit, startup, and corporate entities. A natural leader and project manager with a knack for order and back-office, she keeps our team running smoothly – and client “trains” running on time, every time. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Women’s Studies from Berea College.