Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers

#1 – Develop a Messaging Framework  

What are your business’s key themes? What core messaging ties everything your work represents together? A Messaging Framework gives you a chance to answer these questions and more in a holistic way. You will want to work with everyone in your organization to enlist feedback, discussion, and ultimate agreement around a singular core Messaging Framework. It is an invaluable asset to your business and an exercise that should be repeated at each functional level (products, services, other departments) vis-à-vis a parent-child relationship – that is to say, each group’s Messaging Framework (marketing, sales, field engagement, stakeholder communication, etc.)  should tightly align and roll-up into the core organizational framework. For more tips on building a messaging framework, and to see an example of how to complete one, click here.  

#2 – Use your Messaging Framework  

It’s not enough to establish the messages, although that is a critical first step to bringing discipline to your organizational messaging. You also want to ensure the messages are being used appropriately and regularly. Coordinate efforts across teams to avoid work-stream siloes and disparate communication within and outside your organization. Share content, exchanges ideas, lean into the struggle – just make sure it all comes back to those core messages.  

#3 –Get your leadership teams on-board  

When the top managers and leaders of your business are in sync with you, understand the value of alignment in communication, and can help you evangelize core initiatives (like utilizing a Messaging Framework), integrating it into day-to-day workflow is much easier (and more productive!). It’s more powerful, too. They have regular contact with internal and external stakeholders on behalf of the organization, and they often get opportunities to share insights with global press, analysts, and industry influencers. Work with your leadership teams to engage their support. 

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